Mitek Analytics provides Industrial AI applications, implemented as AI/ML Analytics Engines for the Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO). These are killer apps for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Industrial AI applications enable enterprise-operation monitoring of fleet of industrial assets. Addressing the detected anomalies and bottlenecks and optimizing the operations can bring enormous benefits in costs and asset availability.

Problem Description

  • MRO of asset fleet includes maintenance (equipment + work) and spares logistics.
  • A local problem in the work/part flows leads to system-wide delays and poor availability. The enterprise costs can be staggering with inefficiencies in a few percent of the total CAPEX.

Our Solution: MRO Digital Twin (MDT)

  • Industrial AI for improving asset fleet availability
  • Machine Learning from data to obtain explainable model
  • Explainable inference based on the trained ML models
  • Decision support to improve availability and cost of asset fleet

Our Differentiation

  • A number of companies offer predictive maintenance analytics that is based on operational data collected prior to part failure.
  • We analyze maintenance actions that occur after the parts have failed. These processes consume the bulk of MRO budget.