Mitek Analytics provides Analytics Engines for enterprise software applications in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our software can be integrated into existing IIoT software ecosystems that combine Operational Technology (OT) data and IT systems to create best in class advanced analytics for mission-critical industrial systems such as Operational Digital Twins. Our analytics engines have well defined inputs, outputs, and configuration settings. The analytics

  • Are conceptually refined and clear; analytical concepts and models are well documened. The analytics have been developed, verified, and validated through many man-years of highly skilled effort.
  • Are NOT custom case-specific Data Science applications, though they use Data Science scale of data and approaches.
  • Are NOT a direct application of a standard Machine Learning (ML) algorithm, though they use ML methods as components.
  • Are NOT in-database processing algorithms, though they might use results of database queries in ML, statistics, signal processing, controls, and optimization algorithms.