Our Industrial AI Analytics was developed by professors from Stanford and Georgia Tech. Renowned experts, they have received multiple professional awards for work in practical applications of advanced analytics. The subject matter expertise areas of the team includes ML, AI, statistics, optimization, and controls as well as maintenance, logistics, reliability, and IIoT. The analytics is a result of many R&D projects completed over last 12 years. The team repeatedly won Air Force and NASA contracts with competition rates over 1:20.

We offer advanced analytics software and services that can be integrated with existing enterprise data management systems. Our Industrial AI applications implemented as AI/ML Analytics Engines can be used on-line or for generating periodic reports. Our proven applications include the following.

  1. Reliability Analytics Engine, a packaged AI/ML software application that leverages Reliability Digital Twin (RDT) to perform reliability analysis of failures, removal, and maintenance records for industrial asset fleet.
  2. Maintenance Logistics Analytics Engine, a packaged AI/ML application that leverages Reverse Logistics Digital Twin (RLDT) to analyze MRO data, to monitor reparable parts and reverse logistics flows across the MRO supply and process chains, and to address statistically significant logistics flow anomalies.
  3. Business Case Analysis (BCA) based on the trained RDT and RLDT models. BCA is provided as a service to specify a preferred course of action, recommend decisions, and provide business analysis and support information.