Approach Perspectives

Business executives are responsible for the bottom line. Investing in innovation, such as Big Data, Data Science, and the Industrial IoT, is often motivated by fear of being left behind the industry. However, there is also a need to show return on the investment. Mitek Analytics helps with delivering effective operational applications of the IIoT analytics that leverage the investments into the IIoT data platform and Data Science capability to provide value added results.

Enterprise IT groups must support business needs in a variety of functional areas while running computing, software, and communications infrastructure, managing software updates, and ensuring security. Advanced analytics applications  requires rigorous development and implementation of analytics concepts as well as verification and validation of the software. Using our Analytics Engines allows achieving desirable business outcomes with less effort. 

Advanced analytics applications is a separate subject matter area; it is distinct from software development and from Data Science, though advanced analytics application development might require Data Science work and results in software modules. Mitek Analytics has strong experience in analytics applications and analytics architecture for the Industrial IoT. We use this expertise to help our customers who would like to start using advanced analytics.

Mission-critical industrial systems rely on Operational Technology (OT). The term OT refers to specialized high-confidence computing networks for monitoring and control of machines. Industrial, utilities, and transportation systems have been relying on OT for decades. OT systems and functions are mission critical and require careful engineering. Many of the OT analytics are associated with signal processing and control systems technologies.

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