Mitek development of AI applications was driven by end users at US Air Force Supply Chain Management.

USAF estimated savings from the analytics to be over $200M for avionics rotables alone.

USAF analysts labor did not scale to data needed; processes were non-repeatable. Mitek was awarded several USAF contracts to automate the data analysis and develop AI features wished by the end users. The developed AI has been operationally used at Air Force Sustainment Center at Hill AFB for a few years.

Air Force supply chain includes maintenance and logistics. When replacement parts are not there, aircraft become unavailable. Having aircraftt that are mission incapable is a big problem. Potential problem causes are

  • Demand: failures, removals, bad actor parts, deteriorating reliability, etc.
  • Supply: spares, logistics delays, repair delays, satisfying variable demand, etc.

Mitek’s AI automatically quantifies possible problem causes based on the process data that is already collected.