In aircraft, on-board avionics functions are supported by Operational Technology (OT). Mitek's analytics solutions are aimed at the ground IT systems that manage OT data collected by flight data recorders and maintenance data. The solutions address the needs of commercial and government aerospace customers. The NASA and FAA are focused on public safety and are interested in prevention of accidents. The Air Force maintains large aircraft fleet and is interested in reduction of sustainment costs. The airlines are primarily interested in improvements of fuel efficiency and aircraft performance. Our solutions include jet engines data analytics.

Analytics Engines for Mitek’s Performance Digital Twin (PDT) software have been deployed in several airline and NASA projects to process historical fleet data sets collected from aircraft Flight Data Recorders (FDRs). One of the projects used RDT for analysis of aircraft safety in collaboration with NASA Ames Research Center and an FAA-funded MITRE center. Other projects looked at consistency of airline Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) data collection and aircraft fuel performance analysis for airline fleet.

Our Reliability Digital Twin (RDT) analytics has been proven in aerospace applications. The algorithms, data, and software can be used for many other applications. The main prerequisite is the ability to collect the asset management data such as repairs and replacement information combined with the asset serial number. In the sustainment of military aircraft, the reliability event data has been collected for over a decade. The Industrial IoT enables collection of the reliability event data in many other applications.

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