Our products are Analytics Engines that process large scale Industrial IoT data and produce distilled value-added information. Integrating the Analytics Engines makes development of advanced analytics applications for the IIoT much easier. Each Analytics Engine includes Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics. We evolve the Analytics Engines and add new features in response to customer needs.

Analytics Engines

Mitek’s software is delivered as analytics engines. These engines are based on innovative analytics technologies and unique algorithms. The engines can be integrated with most IIoT software environments. In a proof of concept demonstration, the engine can run as a stand-alone application to quickly get the added value results.

Asset Fleet Performance

Digital Twin was named one of top ten strategic technology trends by Gartner for 2017. There are several technologies being developed under this name. Mitek Analytics provides Operational Digital Twins that include building asset models from historical data. These models characterize variation across the asset fleet and trends along the time.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics build systems models from historical operational data. Over time, the accumulated Industrial IoT data can add up to very big data sets.  Our Predictive Analytics extend baseline models that are based on engineering knowledge and scale them up to model asset fleets.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics rely on the predictive models for optimized exploitation of current data. The goal of Prescriptive Analytics is to specify a preferred course of action, recommend a decision, provide decision support information, or provide an automated command.

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