Maintenance Logistics Analytics allows to monitor flows of parts  across the supply and process chains of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO). It provide value-added insights from MRO data. The analytics is available as packaged AI/ML software application, Maintenance Logistics Analytics Engine. It is also also available as a service, where customer provides database query results and receives analytical reports on periodic basis.

For maintenance prediction of industrial asset fleet, Maintenance Logistics Analytics Engine is an AI/ML application that leverages Reverse Logistics Digital Twin (RLDT) to analyze MRO data, to monitor reparable parts and reverse logistics flows across the MRO supply and process chains and to address statistically significant logistics flow anomalies.

What is reverse logistics? Reverse logistics stands for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. Usual logistics deal with resources that bring the product towards the customer. In the case of reverse logistics, the resource goes back in the supply chain. For instance, defected goods or reparable parts are returned and moved from the customer back to the distributor or to the manufacturer.

Maintenance Logistics Analytics Engine provides MRO data analysis for industrial assets’ reparable parts. Such parts present a problem that is often missed by logistics analyses. By modeling and performing analytics on stocks of reparable parts and reverse logistics flows, Maintenance Logistics Analytics Engine can enable continuous MRO process improvement and optimization and improve availability of the assets.