Our Analytics Engines software and AI/ML services are designed for Digital Transformation of capital-intensive industries or anywhere equipment performance and availability is critical to success. Users are typically in the MRO domain and are responsible for achieving quality, productivity, and cost targets throughout the enterprise operations and supply chain. They have been collecting data for some time and looking to get value from the data.

Mitek Analytics offers a SaaS-based service model where our applications are hosted as virtual machines to support scalability and analytics performance. Deployed on-premise or on cloud, our AI/ML Analytics Engines are accessible as a on-demand service. The host enterprise system runs query against the MRO data and uploads the results to secured URL. The users can then view our BI dashboards with the results and download reports. Our on-demand analytics service allows users to take advantage of all advanced AI/ML analytics technologies and obtain explainable trained models and analysis results without the need for specialized expertise in AI/ML technologies. The service model allows enterprise users focus on their core business instead of being impeded by IT integration or AI/ML development issues.

Trend dashboard

An alternative engagement model is provisioning of analytics reports as a service. In this model customer provides database queries results to Mitek and receives reports detailing the AI/ML results. This model is especially suitable for initial engagement, where the goal is to demonstrate business value of the analytics quickly, without engaging in a costly IT integration project.