Mitek has separate teams for Industrial AI analytics and Enterprise Software product development. The AI team develops algorithms and Analytics Engines. The Software team integrates Analytics Engines into scalable cloud software applications.

AI Technology

Our AI technology development was supported by many NASA and US Air Force projects over the last decade. Mitek worked with several airlines and most major aerospace OEMs.

Many companies use standard AI and ML software libraries developed for generic use cases, such as online advertising. Mitek did develop custom AI algorithms specifically for logistics, maintenance, and reliability processes. Our Explainable AI builds engineering models from data using proprietary Machine Learning algorithms based on convex optimization.


Mitek uses modern software technologies for scalable deployment of the AI Analytics Engines.

Mitek Software Team is based in Silicon Valley. Mitek’s Software Engineers come from major Analytics Software and Cloud Computing companies.

Mitek’s AI Data Engineers have an aerospace industry background. Mission-critical applications are in their DNA.