Our AI solution for reliability and maintenance effectiveness can be provided as a service. Month-over-month Executive Monitoring and Engineering Observability reports show issues before they become problems.

Our AI analysis of supply chain effectiveness for reparable parts can be provided as a service. Executive Monitoring and Engineering Observability items are reported monthly or more often to anticipate problems.


Mitek Analytics provides military-grade AI for Lifecycle Management of asset fleets.

Mitek’s AI analyses the performance of Maintenance and Supply Chain processes.


Mitek’s products and services support Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+), a DoD policy for improving readiness and sustainment cost. They provide observability into operational performance of predictive maintenance.

Operations and service make between 30% and 80% of the lifetime costs for high-value asset fleets.


Mitek offers the first and currently only AI solution for Lifecycle Management with reparable parts.

Mitek’s AI solutions are eminently scalable provided good quality data is available. For less than perfect data, Mitek offers AI Data Engineering services to cleanse data, reconcile inconsistencies, and prepare for AI deployment.


Mitek and our partners provide consulting services in support and optimization of maintenance and logistics operations, using our AI tools.