Mitek and its partners provide consulting services in support and optimization of maintenance and logistics operations. Our partners include established consultancies with deep subject matter expertise. They use Mitek’s AI applications to analyze data and generate insights that they help to translate into customer savings or new revenue.

Karen J Berg, Airline Consultant, FFO Principal

“Mitek’s AI is a patented product that will supercharge the airlines’ fleet operations reliability, allowing the airline to look out the windshield instead of the rear-view mirror.”

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Karen Berg is an Airline Consultant with 30+ years of direct aviation industry experience.  She has 10+ years of engineering & maintenance experience including

  • Director responsible for fleet maintenance and modifications of 180 aircraft
  • Engineering & Maintenance leadership board member charged with strategy, operations, P&L of division
  • VP of Maintenance Sales for North America
  • Created and negotiated largest engine maintenance sale to date for Engineering & Maintenance organization
Gerry Cutler, Principal, Envision Aviation Advisors, Inc.

“Mitek Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions can help establish improved fleet dispatchability and on-time performance, while simultaneously reducing operational costs and an ROI of weeks instead of years.”

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Envision Aviation Advisors, Inc. (EAA) is a small, agile, airline centric consulting company offering Operational Health Studies and Analysis, Process, Procedure, and Technology Improvement and Cost Reduction Services.  EAA focus on low-cost, high-value flight, ground, and maintenance operations solutions.  EAA services are born from years of commercial airline operations and Boeing Consulting Services experience.  This experience includes:

  • Reductions in numbers and severity of disrupted operations
  • Disruption management and recovery, operations control, flight operations, station operations, customer service, and maintenance
  • Cost avoidance and performance improvement, even in the most challenging of environments.
  • Commercial to military cross-over services for the P-8 and KC-46 fleets.
  • EAA received four patent awards and five industry awards for operational improvement programs.
Mark Tedone, M2P Consulting

“Using artificial intelligence, Mitek’s supply chain solutions alert airlines to the effects of supply chain fluctuations on part allocations and enable the feedback of the information to continuously improve material planning.”

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Mark Tedone is a Partner in the firm M2P Consulting.

Mark Tedone has provided business insights, product development, advanced analytics, digital transformation, and mathematical optimization solutions to Technical Operations and Supply Chain functions across the commercial aviation industry. For over thirty years, his thought leadership and C-Suite experience with M2P Consulting, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sabre, Accenture, and others have led to significant supply-related improvements in On Time Performance, component availability, and cost. He has resolved supply chain ecosystem issues and achieved operational improvements globally with airlines of all sizes, as well as for the Israeli Defense Forces through offset funding.

M2P is a global management consulting firm that transforms businesses by accelerating growth through an integrated offering of professional and technological services. M2P develops innovative strategies, processes, and technology in ways that make sense and create value for our clients. M2P’s product portfolio covers the entire value creation chain across multiple industries. M2P specializes in Travel, Transportation, and Logistics with clients ranging from airports to retail and government organizations.

J Lee Cantrell, LC Aviation Consulting Services, LLC

“LC Aviation Consulting Services’ approach is to identify specific operational challenges, uncover root causes for those challenges, and then help clients understand and implement the latest “Best Practices” within the aircraft maintenance and engineering environment. One approach we use to achieve detailed results is to analyze maintenance data using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology like those provided by Mitek Analytics.”

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LC Aviation Consulting Services (LC Aviation) has over 40 years of experience in USAF and commercial airline maintenance and engineering operations and developing and providing maintenance services a large aircraft manufacturer offers. LC Aviation are subject matter experts and have extensive experience in the following:

  • Station ground operations and aircraft maintenance and engineering operations
  • Detailed logbook analysis, maintenance programs analysis, reliability programs analysis, material management, and cargo-to-freighter conversion projects
  • Developing solutions for reductions in operational disruptions caused by maintenance
  • Improving processes using tools and advanced technologies aimed at reliability improvements and operational cost avoidance