Predictive Maintenance

Mitek’s products and services provide observability into operational performance of predictive maintenance.

Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) is DoD policy for improving readiness and sustainment cost.

Mitek’s products and services support CBM+ requirements of DODI 4151.22 for supply chain processes.

The Explainable AI learns predictive models for performance that are understood by Reliability Engineers and Logisticians. These predictive models allow to attain CBM+ goals via Business Case Analyses (BCA) and optimization of readiness and sustainment cost.

Mitek’s AI Apps perform Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis for improving availability and costs required by DODI 4151.22. The analysis allows to find if and when introducing CBM would be cost-effective.

For legacy systems, the AI uses existing part maintenance data records.

For new acquisition programs, the AI can be used with data from Mitek’s discrete event simulators.