Mitek Analytics provides Industrial AI applications, implemented as Analytics Engines for the Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) related processees of Lifecycle Management. These are killer apps for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Industrial AI applications enable enterprise-operation monitoring of lifecycle processes for fleets of industrial assets. Addressing the detected anomalies and bottlenecks and optimizing the operations can bring enormous benefits in costs and asset availability.

A local problem in the work/part flows of maintenance and spares logistics leads to system-wide delays and poor availability. The enterprise costs can be staggering with inefficiencies in a few percent of the total CAPEX.

Our Solution is fleet-level Industrial AI for improving asset availability and reducing costs.

  • Machine Learning from data to obtain explainable model
  • Explainable AI inference based on the trained ML models
  • Decision support to improve availability and cost of asset fleet

Our Differentiation

  • A number of companies offer predictive maintenance analytics that is based on operational data collected prior to part failure.
  • We analyze processees that happen after the parts have failed. These processes consume the bulk of Lifecycle Managagement budget.