Unique Solutions

Mitek offers the first and currently only AI solution for Lifecycle Management with reparable parts.

The AI has many unique features compared to other Lifecycle Management (LCM) solutions.

  • The proven and verified AI solution scales by learning from data. It does not require custom engineering.
  • AI models built from data can be also used for simulations. This radically different from simulation based-analysis that requires engineers to set up simulations as starting point.
  • The results go beyond requirements to part stock, logistics delays, reliability, and maintenance performance. They also include process monitoring and root case analysis.
  • The AI allows to monitor actual operation performance for designed processes and hardware changes, including IoT, CBM, etc.
  • The analysis addresses both part supply (logistics) and maintenance demand (reliability)
  • The demand prediction is based on reliability, usage, and part ages compared to commonly used predictions based on past demand history.

The AI allows in-depth data-driven analysis of process performance for bottleneck parts causing most cost and availability problems.